Some people may still find it difficult to accept the reality that cold coffee has been proven to be better to be consumed that hot coffee. That is why for those who have a weak stomach is advised to prefer consuming a cup of coffee with ice like the Burger King Iced Coffee, for example, rather than the hot one.

Complaints of attacks on stomach problems that come and a sense of heartburn that occurs after enjoying a cup of hot coffee are some common effects. This is due to an increase in acid in the stomach. It is on the contrary when compared to the cold coffee. Cold coffee has been rated as safer for the stomach than the hot coffee. This kind of coffee with ice is also claimed to be safe for your looks. As it is known, coffee has the potential to make teeth yellow. However, cold coffee is claimed to be safe and does not make teeth so yellow, even if consumed in the long term. So, when you feel like drinking a cup of coffee, it is better to choose the iced one.