For those of you who often go to a salon, you might have already been familiar with the term manicure; it is a service which is usually provided in most of the salons to provide care to the hand. However, for those of you who seldom go to the salon, it can be quite hard for you to understand the term as you might have not yet tried the manicure yourself. To get a better understanding, first, you can know more about the types of a manicure.

Manicure itself consists of several types that the prices of each of the types also diver from one another. For example, you may check out the Regal Nails Prices. But popular among the people is the ones which are called as French manicure and American manicure. Actually, the stages of those types of manicure done are almost the same. What distinguishes is that French manicure has a white tip on the nail while American manicure does not. American manicure uses a special lotion to moisturize hands while French manicure does not.

Some other types of manicure that you can try is a hot stone manicure, spa manicure, and luxurious manicure. All three of these types require more time in the process. So if you have spare time try one of these three treatments. Hot stone manicure is a unique manicure because there are stages where our hands will be placed the hot stone. But do not be afraid of ladies because this stone is not harmful to your skin. Precisely this hot stone can help blood circulation so that later can be more smoothly. For spa manicure even later stage when your hand masked and rubbed using salt solution. As for the luxurious manicure, as the name implies, your fingernails will be really pampered with a series of treatments that will certainly make you more relaxed.