Everyone has different abilities and skills and it makes human beings unique. This is one of the factors that make CIES made. The Comparative and International Education Society is one of the largest nonprofit educational organizations in the world. The main purpose of this organization is to inform the public about the importance of international education. As we know if the world war has made some countries divided and even become enemies. This is because we do not want to understand and understand the understanding of other countries. Although we are citizens of a State but one thing we should not forget that we are a world society and have a responsibility to keep this world together. CIES2016 becomes the 60th year for this organization. No change at this year’s annual seminar was held at Sheraton Wall Center Vancouver Hotel.

The role of CIES to the world

We may not be able to see first hand the positive impacts of CIES but we can see the works produced by this organization. Indirectly, CIES has given birth to scientists, practitioners, and students who have a high dedication to education. It makes us sure if there are still many world citizens who care about education and not just concerned with money. CIES2016 has a special theme that is different from usual. For the society, this is a good opportunity for them to learn about economic growth in the past before the world was dominated by computers. During the conference, CIES always provided useful materials for today’s generation and the future. It is very important to everyone how things are in the past and how they changed the future for the better of the present.

For information, CIES can also be a bridge for outstanding students who want to get scholarships and study in other countries. Therefore there is nothing wrong if we become The Society’s members and follow the development of CIES from year to year.